Tango Training in Buenos Aires

Welcome to our new Tango blog

We are starting this blog to share with you our experiences working with Tango, practicing and training, traveling the world, teaching, performing and other random thoughts we might have. You can follow the blog here on our website cstango.no/blog through our Facebook page facebook.com/cstangooslo or on Twitter twitter.com/cs_tango

Buenos Aires

Through July and the first week of August we will be giving you some updates on our stay in Buenos Aires. We come here roughly once a year, to dance in the milongas, to give performances and to study with some of the best teachers in the world. At the moment we are in training with our good friend Francisco Forquera, and that always means hard work, but it pays off.

Cyrena and Steinar training with Francisco Forquera in Buenos Aires

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We'll be back with more updates before long...