Norske Talenter Round #1

In October last year we were contacted by the team behind Norske Talenter to see if we wanted to participate. We hadn’t really considered competing in a show like this before, but we thought it would be a good opportunity to show Argentine Tango to a Norwegian audience, and hopefully attract more people to this incredible dance that we are so passionate about. We only had a couple weeks to prepare for the auditions, so we decided to use a choreography we had been working on with the fantastic Norwegian/Argentine tango group El Muro, who had just recorded a new album and were nice enough to let us use their music on TV.

Here's a video from our performance in the first round of Norske Talenter, dancing El Muro’s version of Nostálgico by Julián Plaza.

It was exciting to perform on a stage before an unknown audience, for people that weren't necessarily familiar with Tango, and still get such an overwhelming response. We are very grateful for the wonderful feedback from the judges and the audience, and for all the lovely comments we have gotten from friends, students and other aquaintances on social media. Feel free to follow us on Facebook or Instagram.

Next round you’ll see a brand new choreography that we're very excited about, but first there will be more episodes from the auditions around the country in the following weeks, so stay tuned for more tango on TV2!